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For energy efficiency

In 2015, CREL developed and patented an ideal robot for keeping photovoltaic panels clean and efficient in extreme climatic conditions and often in remote locations where cleaning operations can be complicated, both due to the use of manpower and the need for use water, a generally precious good because it is scarce in desert and semi-desert areas.

Technological evolution has made photovoltaic panels increasingly sophisticated and performing; to threaten the efficiency, especially if the panels are installed in desert areas, are the dusts that constitute a serious problem for the productivity of the photovoltaic systems because they dirty the panels, compromising their production capacity.

A second factor that compromises its productivity is rain.
These could represent the solution to every problem, but unfortunately this is not the case, due to the simple fact that rainwater contains numerous minerals which, once the rain is over, are deposited on the surfaces creating a layer which in a short time forms an almost invisible barrier which divides solar cells from sunlight.
A third factor that should not be underestimated are the Hot Spots on the photovoltaic modules, which produce overheating of the shaded or dirty cells, compromising their correct functioning.

These phenomena cause proven losses to the production of plants that go beyond 30% compared to the estimated yield values.

Blazecleans the panels daily without the use of





Blaze is the only robot that allows a 90% guaranteed recovery of losses. It has the possibility of cleaning an entire system in 2 hours a day and with a single robot it is possible to clean several strings of panels.

Assembled with


  • Quick and easy assembly
  • One robot for multiple strings of panels
  • Possibility to clean an entire system in about 2 hours every day
  • 90% guaranteed loss recovery
  • Dry cleaning without the use of water, electricity or human resources
  • Transportation optimization
  • Assembled with totally recyclable materialsi

Blaze is an automatic robot equipped with:

  • Lightweight and strong carbon fiber structure
  • Installation on fixed structures or Trackers
  • Working angle from +65° to -65°
  • Overcoming gaps over 50 cm in width and over 30 cm in height
  • Exceeding due to misalignment of structures, over 20 cm
  • Autonomous charging system
  • Anti-scratch water repellent brush
  • Remote management via App and proprietary software
  • High efficiency Brushless motors
  • IP68 protection level Mechanical
  • Resistance level IK 3000 Mpa
  • WI FI communication 2,4Ghz/5Ghz
  • Optional thermographic analysis function

Blaze risolve soprattutto le problematiche più comuni dei sistemi di pulizia automatici:

vertical space

It is able to adapt to the misalignment of the panels, up to 20cm, even with solar trackers (Tracker)


It can cross from one panel to another for a distance of up to 120cm


He is able to vault from a panel to
another despite a difference in height of max 40cm

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