NPS perimeter security system for fences

NPS is a security system that has the purpose to detect every attempt of climb over, breach or pressing impact on a fence. It is installed directly on the nets, both light and heavy, and it consists of two principal components, the NPS processing unit and the NPS microphone sensor cable.

NPS processing unit
NPS processing unit is a hardware system that has the task to receive the signals from the sensor, processing them and defining the type of event associating it to an alarm. The accompanying software permits to manage from remote the configuration, the calibration, the state control and the firmware upload.

NPS cable sensor
NPS microphone sensor cable is a linear passive element of piezoelectric type which needs to be installed on the perimeter fence net through appropriate fastening clamps and has the task to detect the stress to which the net is exposed and to transmit these signals to the NPS processing unit.

Buried NUS perimeter security system

NUS is a security system which has the purpose to detect any attempt of crossing both of pedestrians and vehicles in a determined area.
It can be installed under any kind of ground and it results to be invisible and sabotage – unable.
The system consists of two principal components: the NUS processing unit and the NUS sensor.

NUS processing unit
NUS processing unit is a hardware system which has the task to receive the signals from NUS sensors, processing them and defining the type of event associating it to an alarm. Each unit is able to detect and discriminate false alarms about: rain, hail, snow, passage of animals, etc.
The accompanying software permits to can totally manage from remote eventual proceedings of configuration, calibration, state control, firmware and software parameter upload.

NUS sensor
NUS buried sensor is a linear passive element of piezoelectric type which has the task to generate a signal in case of crossing inside a determined area and to transmit it to the processing unit.
NUS sensor can be installed under any type of ground because its robust and compact case resists to subsoil humidity and does not need maintenance.

Video surveillance system

The video surveillance system permits the acquisition, transmission, registration and visualization of images both from local and from remote.
The registration of images occur through a software installed in a common PC/server. The task of the software is to acquire the video flows and, if qualified, to manage these images to generate actions in correspondence of a noticed particular event.
Video surveillance systems are realized using the optical fiber as signal conductor, to guarantee a high quality of the images even on long distances.

Video analysis system

Video analysis system is a software which, integrated with the video surveillance devices, permits through a PC/Server to trace in the visual field, of one or more cameras, virtual lines, intended as alarm barriers.
If an intruder or a vehicle, corresponding to the dimensions pre-established by the software, approaches the sensitive area bounded by virtual barriers, the software will activate an alarm.

The software used is able to adapt automatically to any environmental condition, to model and manage every movement of the image, managing to filter every element with extreme precision. The system is also able to distinguish animals from humans.

If the intruder is a human being, the software starts tracking and activates an alarm only if the target crosses the virtual line configured by the operator; if instead the intruder is an animal or an unknown object, the software does not activate any alarm because the animals are considered as authorized intruders within the system.

Sentinel System

Sentinel is a pre-assembled security system that has the purpose to detect any intrusion attempt with the possibility to acquire even video shooting both in internal and external areas.

In case of intrusion, Sentinel transmits to the user the message of alarm and video images, that can view directly on the phone or on the PC through GSM-GPRS-TCP-IP technology .
Sentinel represents the new concept of “making security”, eliminating any activity related to civil works (excavations, passage of piping and cables, installation of wells, filling, etc.), it is ideal for sites without power because it is completely autonomous and battery powered.

Sentinel is an excellent tool for surveillance institutions because it can be used either temporarily or fixed for the control of an area to be protected, without the use of any guards on site.

Sentinel is suitable for the securing of high-risk sites such as photovoltaic plants, wind turbines, ports, sites and container.


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